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landlord_picWelcome to KOQX!

I would like to take this opportunity to personally welcome each and every one of you to the "New" KOQX.

So much is happening here I wanted to use this space to update everyone on what we've been up to. It's the "New" KOQX and while the music hasn't changed, we've upgraded almost everything else around here.

First, as you have already seen, we finally have a slick new website. I want to announce that our new webmaster, The Cat, has joined KOQX and I want to thank her for all the hard work and the great new design.

KOQX also changed from dedicated servers to a cloud hosting provider. We can support more listeners and hopefully won't have some of the network congestion issues we've had in the past. We also have the ability to make more timely updates to the playlist and keep the sound fresh.

While I'm on the subject of the playlist, I'd like to mention all the new music we have been playing and thank the artists and their record companies for their support. We've got new music from Bea B And The Axemann, Deja Blues, James VanBuren, Michael Quest, The Conqueroos, The Reclamators, Tubie And The Touchtones, Wayne Baker Brooks, and Woody And The Woodtones. If you have a rockin blues band we'd like to hear your music too! We also digitally reprocessed EVERY track you hear on KOQX to tighten up the sound and give you a more consistent listening experience.

We listened to you too! The number one question we always got at KOQX was "What song is that playing?" Well, The Cat was nice enough to put the current track at the bottom of every page on the new site. Just keep the KOQX website open if your player doesn't show you the track name and you'll always know what's playing.

For those of you that have been asking about "The Landlord Show" (some of you since the first week that KOQX started!) I'm bringing it back! The Sunday Night Houserockin' R&B Show will return starting August 5th. It'll be the same format as my old show with all your favorite houserockin' blues, R&B, funk and soul tracks, 6 to 9 PM US/Pacific time every Sunday night! Adjust that time plus or minus whatever it takes to get the time where you are in the world.

I'll be back with another update soon. Until then... Tell Your Friends You Heard It On KOQX!


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