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landlord_picWhen I was putting together The Landlord Show this week I realized it was the 26th week of the show and I hadn't updated this blog for a while. So I wanted to take a few minutes to fill you in on what's been happening here at KOQX.

First, I want to thank all of you who listen regularly, especially those who take the time to tune in to the Sunday Night Houserockin R&B Show. I have a lot of fun doing the show and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy hosting it. That's the only time that we get to bring out some of the more interesting and unusual tracks that we don't play during the week, as well as a good selection of our regular music. And I get to spend three hours yapping about all our favorite tunes too!

You'll notice several new pages on the site since I last updated this blog, and I especially wanted to to mention the "Honoring Past Artists" page and how it came about.

KOQX had been corresponding quite a bit with James VanBuren, getting his great original recordings into the playlist, then suddenly we stopped hearing from him. After trying to repeatedly contact James, we at KOQX were all saddened to discover that he had passed away. Wanting to do something special in rememberance of James we decided a memorial page for him and some of the other great artists of the past that touched us with their music would be a fitting tribute. Many of the artists are those that we play here regularly including James, some were personal friends like TW Henderson and Rene Solis, and others were huge influences in rock and blues and the music industry in general like, Jimi Hendrix and Les Paul. All of them touched us with their music and too many of them died too young.

Clicking on any of the names will link you to a page where you can see more about the artist. I want to acknowledge The Cat for the wonderful design, hard work and research that went into making this idea a reality.

Continuing on the subject of the web site, I'd also like to mention another addition, the "Events" page. This is YOUR page. If you're having a charity event, a fundraiser, playing at a charity gig, let us know and we'll post your information and help make your fundraiser a success. This is FREE for you but events MUST be non profit or charity related, so we won't post info about your gig at the local bar, but if you pay our cover and our bar tab we just might show up!

That's about it for now, I'll be back again with another update soon. In the meantime stay tuned to KOQX all week for the usual dose of Houserockin R&B. We have yet more new music from Michael "Monster" Carter, Anthony "Swamp Dog" Clark, CeCe Teneal, and more.

Until next time... I'm The Landlord.... see you Sunday Nights at 6PM Pacific, 9PM on the East Coast. Adjust that by whatever it takes to get the time where you are in the world. And tell your friends you heard it on KOQX!


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